Career Sessions

Whether you’ve finished school, your bachelor’s degree or a Master’s – in the end, you’re always left with the same question. What now? A simple question with an infinite number of answers. Deciding on one of them can be difficult. After all, you are setting the course that will guide your future career.

Career doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. We define “career” as using your skills to the best of your ability and continuing to grow. The requirement for this? Knowing your potential! And above all, knowing yourself! What can I do? What motivates me? What do I need to work well? What is important to me – in work and in life? Kudos Education World explore these questions together in our consulting sessions and at the end of the day, we present you with a concrete plan.

When you finished school, college or university, you decided on one of many options. A few semesters have come and gone, but your doubts are still there: Was this the right choice? Or is there something that’s better suited to me? Should I just get through my degree? Or quit?

Whether it makes sense to continue your studies or get hands-on experience instead, is another question undergrads ask themselves. Does a gap year make sense? Which Master’s degree is the right one? Should I specialize or find a new direction? Or just start working?

In our career counseling session, Kudos Education World tell you where your individual career path can lead – professionally, personally and honestly.

The way Kudos Education World career counseling sessions work:

Imagine you had the funnel and you could pour into it all your questions about your future profession. This funnel is how our career counseling work.

Kudos Education World filter, summarize and select information and at the end, all you are left with is just answers and not the questions, that’s our way of doing it.

Wonder how Kudos Education World do it?

Well, its simple and all we follow is certain steps as mentioned below to demonstrate our ideology.

Personal conversation: Over the course of the day you are taken care by your own personal career consultant, who is solely dedicated to your analysis. Indispensable to your consultant detailed, personal conversation with you. This conversation channelizes your thoughts and recognizes them as a potential source of choosing a right career path.

The one-on-one principle: two minds are better that one. For this reason, at Kudos Education World your consultant discusses your profile with one other colleague. This way we can ensure that we come up with the best possible option for you.

Finale: and then your consultant at Kudos Education World presents you with the results. We recommend that you invite those close to you such as parents, your partner or close friends to be a part of this conversation. Together we define goals and discuss the next steps.

Kudos Education World takes time to answer your questions depending upon the type of criticality but this usually takes an hour or two.

Go: and in the end, you receive all the results, action plans, and extra information in the form of a folder that is put together individually for you. Its set up in such a way that you can get started with progression to achieve your goals in a correct and timely way.