carrier options for humanities

The branches of knowledge that study aspects of Human Society and Culture are called Humanities. Humanities involve the study of The Languages, The Literature, The Arts, The History and The Philosophy. Students after completing their 12th in Humanities stream get into a dilemma about choosing the right course as it is the stepping stone towards the career.

Pursuing Bachelors in any subject of arts stream is the best option for the students who have the zeal to do higher studies. Bachelor programs are available in the area of Fine Arts, Advertising, Media Studies, Journalism, Mass Communication, Computer Applications, Business Management, Hotel Management, Event Management, Travel, and Tourism, Performing Arts and much more. Short duration vocational courses are also available in said fields rewarding a good a promising career with a good salary and job satisfaction.

Students keen to study Law can opt for Integrated Law Course that helps to build a career in Law Sector.

Innovative and Creative Students can go for Design related courses like Jewelry Design, Leather Design, Knitwear Design, Interior Designing, Fashion Designing, etc and build a creative career. 

Then comes Language courses, Students who are eager to learn Foreign Languages can pursue with language courses like French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, etc and ensures a job of an interpreter in embassies. 

The students who are enthusiastic in Writing can choose Content Writing as a career option. 

Civil Service, Chartered Accountant (CA) Examination are good options that humanity graduate student can prepare for after passing out from college. 

Arts stream students also choose to be qualified Teachers to educate and nurture children into a good human being. Teaching is considered a highly respected profession in India. Students may go for Teacher Training courses like Elementary Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Physical Education, Diploma in Elementary Education, etc.

A country like India where people live in a belief that Humanities is for Dum People, judge children on the basis of subject or stream they choose to study. In fact, Humanities seek a kind of understanding which something is not at all delivered by Science. Humanities Education helps to understand the consequences of choice. Understanding ourselves is an art rather than a science as it involves a kind of creation. Thus, Humanities are becoming popular and successful besides engineering and science.