Do you know that Germany is the only country that extends the stay of an international student for up to 18 months after their Graduation and this extension is given to seeking a job? So, the answer to the statement is Yes, International Students do get jobs in Germany after completing their studies. 

Germany is an attractive destination among students for overseas studies. At the time of application students may linger with questions like will they get a job on completion of studies or will they come to their home country without anything. The job scenario in Germany, country’s preference on International Students or Language barrier are the concerns that make aspirants unanswered, and with the help of this article, we might help to answer the few concerns and queries so that applicants have the bright idea regarding jobs in Germany.
The main concern is whether the country has jobs for international students or not. So, there is no dearth of jobs in Germany. Though there are plenty of them, the point is whether you ready or not. As a part of your studies start interacting with seniors and participating in discussions. The communication will give you an idea about the specific things companies look for. 

Secondly, attending conferences and job fairs organized by universities and industries may give the opportunity to have direct communication with the companies that clear your mind with the qualities Germans usually look for in the candidate. Generate some new contacts, and it would be a great help.

Germans are fastidious. The way you put forward your application is critical as they are very particular about it. If you don’t fill the requirements, then it is better not to apply as you will be going to get the rejection. While applying for a job, one must go through the job criteria and conditions mentioned in the advertisement. If you have everything, they ask for then only apply otherwise not.

Language Barrier, most international students may have the thinking that learning the German Language is a hard thing to do and they won’t even give a try as it is not compulsory. However, the fact is that the students are speaking German get jobs and internships on the priority than the one who does not. As it is mentioned earlier that it is not necessary, you still can get a job without learning German Language skills but we suggest there is no harm in learning and do not limit your options.

Getting admission in Germany University and the grades you score, either of them does not matter much but what matter is what knowledge you have gained during course, what have you studied, what projects you have done and any job experience if any during your studies. So, be precise about the path you choose while applying for admission to the University.

We all aware that Germany extends the period of stay of international students after studies for up to 18 months so that students can get enough time to explore the career opportunities waiting for them. Aspirants might get many articles on the internet telling you that the jobs are not offered to international students in Germany which is not true. Germans are number one in innovation, and they are always in demand of skilled and innovative ideas, and if you are the right candidate for the right position, then the job is yours. 

So, we hope that you might have got a fair idea about how things work in Germany. It does not matter what you have done so far; you still have plenty of time to prepare yourself and learn to grab the job while studying in Germany.