Education abroad has become a trend among Indians that every second family wants their kids to study abroad. For some people, it is a matter of status while on the other hand, some people want their children to study in the home country only. Some have this state of mind that only the rich people go abroad and then comes those who believe a degree to be just a piece of paper.

Education grows and evolves with time and brains. That is why the education system differs from country to country. Thus principles of education systems of nations are equally different from each other. Though, the goal of education of every country is the same i.e. learning. 

Every Education System has its pros and cons. From developing country like India where education system stands on the pillars of theoretical knowledge to a developed nation like the United States where the education system is more flexible and believes in practical knowledge, every nation is different with different values, culture and of course education. 

If we talk about India approx 60 to 70 percent of College Students are willing to pursue their Masters from abroad. The reasons that being developing country India needs to achieve a lot of things like a practical approach to education, global education, etc. So here in this article, we are discussing the compelling reasons that make Indian student pursue their Higher Education abroad.

  • Quality of Education

The concept of Teaching is the major difference between Indian Universities and the Western one. Here in India Colleges work like Schools. Life of Students in College is as same as School life. Life of students is as same as it was in British India when Educational Procedures were introduced here long ago. We can see that how far Britain has moved further from the procedures and India still stands at the same one. Indian education emphasizes learning to remember concepts than understanding them. Another point with the Indian education system is that the students in here are kept under pressure to maintain their attendance records. If we talk about teachers then it has been observed that there are many teachers who just take a number of classes as per the requirement of the system and their teaching sessions does not have soul or spark. On the contrary, education system abroad emphasizes on student’s active learning through class participation, case studies, dialogue exchange, and practical campus on and off campus make learning more meaningful. Additionally developed countries show flexibility to courses as per students interest. They allow international students to work on and off campus. Thus there is no doubt that why Indians are choosing abroad education over Indian one.

  • Ease of Education

Getting admission in India’s top-ranked colleges and institutes like IIMs (Indian Institute of Management), IITs (Indian Institute of Technology), and AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) is highly competitive as seats are limited and applicants are in lakhs in number. The cherry on the cake is the students have to deal with the pressure of Entrance Examinations to get an entry in one of the renowned institutions and high cut-offs cause bright students to give up of their dream to secure admission in the subject of their choice. The result of all the factors makes students think to look at the option of studying abroad as getting admission to the highly ranked prestigious institution is quite easier and direct in other countries than India.

  • Free of Education

Apart of quality of education some countries like Germany, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Spain, Belgium, Greece offers education with free tuition fee or very minimal fee at prestigious institutions to international students which is quite reasonable and affordable whereas in India, Private Institutions asks for a donation from applicants. From the scenario, it is obvious that students will opt the free valuable education from highly ranked prestigious institutions than Indian Private Institutions.

  • Diversity in Subjects to Study

Till now, Indian Education System whirls around two main streams- Engineering and Medicine. Lack of Professional Institutes makes Students look abroad for their advanced studies. Anyhow, if courses are available then they lack the expertise to shape better career path for students. On the other hand, countries like US, UK, Canada, etc offers a variety of options like entertainment, sports, dance, photography and many more with great scope and structure where students are being taught with greater depth along with an accredited degree.

  • Better Research Opportunities

If we talk about research-oriented areas in India, the country still lacks in providing enough support in terms of Infrastructure and Resources whereas, developed countries have abundant resources with the well-equipped infrastructure to conduct in-depth research.

  • Career Benefits 

A degree earned from one of the highly ranked prestigious Institutions is definitely a great advantage over a degree from an Indian Institution as India so far is nowhere seen in any of World’s Top most Universities Ranking List. Employer prefers to hire candidates who have completed a degree abroad with relevant academic scores and work experience over a candidate with a similar degree and experience in India. An International degree also helps the candidate to fetch a better pay package in a home country like India.

Since there is no short-term solution to this problem, a significant investment in the Indian education system over a time period can only be a remedy to eradicate the problem. A significant change in an academic culture like building up high-quality key disciplines at National Colleges can help its students to earn their degree of knowledge and learning in the best way they can from their home country.