Germany Embassy asks questions to know about :-
I. Intention to study in Germany.
II. Financial means for your stay and study in Germany .
III. Seriousness towards education.
IV. Reasons to study in Germany .
V. Future plans -After completing study from Germany .

I tried to mention all possible questions related to Germany Student Visa .

Intention to study in Germany

1.Why do you want to study in Germany ?
Why you wish to study in Germany ?
Why you chose germany as your study destination ?

Why you wish to study in Germany only and not in countries like USA ,Australia or Canada ?

2.Have you done your accommodation arrangement ?

If yes , please mention the place .

3.What is the population of Germany?

4.Who is the President of Germany?

5.Who is the chancellor of Germany ?

6.How many states are there in Germany, and can you name some of them?

7.Name some tourist attractions in Germany ?

8.Is Germany a Schengen country ?

9.Would you like to work in Germany as students are allowed to work part time ?

Financial means when you will be studying in Germany

Even though tuition is free at most German universities, you still need to be in a good financial standing to be able to survive in Germany.

1.Who is going to fund your education In Germany ?

Who is sponsoring you ?


What does your sponsor do for a living ?


How are you going to fund your education ?

If parents are not sponsoring you ,then explain the reason why your own parents are not sponsoring you .

2.Where your sponsor live ?

What’s his source of Income ?

Does he pay income tax?

Does your sponsor have any dependents?(If yes Mention that his income or salary is more than enough to cater for both me and his other dependent)

3.What does your father do?

4. What does your mother do?

5.Do you have any siblings and, if so, what do they do?

6. What plans have you made if your blocked account is expended after one year?

7.How much money is available for your stay in Germany?

⦁ Seriousness towards education

1.What is the name of your university?

2.Why did you chose this university or college ?

3.In how many universities have you applied and how many accepted your admission .

4.Tell me the name of your course .

5.Why you chose this Course ?

6.Is your course related to your previous studies ?If yes How

7.What about your course structure ?

8.What is the duration of your program and what is your course start and end date ?

9.When did you completed your last education ?

if you have any gap ,give proper explanation for that .

10.What is the duration of your program?

11.Do u know any of the scholars or professors in your college or university ?

12.How will you be benefitted from this course ?

13. May ask you about your IELTS Score ?

14.In which language are u going to study ?

15.Where is your university located ?

⦁ Reasons to study in Germany

1. Is this course available in your home country? If so, why don’t you study it in your home country?

2.What are your plans after completing your Bachelors or Masters from Germany ?

3.Whatt are your future plans ? Would you like to stay in Germany or you would like to come back to your nation .

4.Have you even been to Germany ?If yes please mention why

5.Have you applied for a visa at the German Embassy or any of the Schengen countries before?

6.Do you have any relatives in Germany ? Do u have friends or relative in Germany ?

Future plans -After completing study from Germany

1.What are your future plans ?

2.Would you like to return to your home country after completing your studies ?

3.What will you do after completing your bachelors /Masters?

4.Would you like to do job in Germany ,if you get a chance ?