German Hotel Management

A smart way to gain practical knowledge of Hotel Management & Hospitality, an internship is also identified as the best way to grab a full-time job. The internship offers excellent opportunities to test your theoretical skill sets as well as allows extending the professional network. Hotel Management is a fast growing and highly challenging industry in Germany with massive international internship opportunities. Having a dynamic hotel industry, Germany is the best option for those who want to pursue their career in the said field. Customer Service is the major pillar of Hospitality and Hotel Management which needs profound teamwork, innovative mindset, all in all, a good service with creative thinking.

The internships within Hotel Management industry are related to Front Office or Public Relations. Bookings, Commercial, Quality, Events Department, Kitchen as well as Food and Beverage Area can also be a part of the internship. 

Hotel Management has become the fastest growing career field and picking up Germany for the internship will be very beneficial for students Many students from various countries pursue their career in Hotel Management from Germany as it helps them make their career in Hospitality Industry.


You can apply for the Hotel Management Internship Program only if you are a student, currently enrolled in and pursuing your academic studies abroad. Internship Program should be a part of the curriculum or a mobility program. 

Standard Routine of Intern

The internship program includes Standard Tasks involving:

Reception Area

  • Developing customer service policies and procedures
  • Handling of face to face enquires of customers
  • Checking guests in and out
  • Concierge Assistance
  • Assisting Front Office 
  • Responding to all the calls in an efficient way
  • Planning and Organizing group arrivals
  • Day to Day processing of group reservations as per reservation policy of Hotel
  • Maintaining a positive approach to maximize yield in occupancy and rates

Kitchen / Bar

  • Serving customers with Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Preparing Drinks
  • Carrying out preparatory tasks like Cooking, Washing, Cutting, Mixing, etc
  • Carry out Bar Service or Beverage Service during Hotel working hours
  • Cooking of meals on request to make you quick on hands and flexible
  • Assessing the quality of Products and Ingredients- Their freshness, storage life, etc
  • Carrying out the preparations and execute adjustments


What motivates people to choose the Hospitality Industry as a Career and pursue it from Germany?

Choosing hospitality as a career depends on what a person seeks from choosing to work in the industry as

  • It improves creative thinking: It has been proved that traveling broadens the mind. The monotony of a rigid routine does not promote flexibility and open-mindedness.
  • The internship may be free of cost depending upon the profile of the candidate and requirements.
  • It makes you learn to run small motels and large hotels effectively
  • It improves Emotional Intelligence Skill which comes from experiencing a different culture, social interactions and understanding a way of creating a comfortable and perfect environment for people.
  • It empowers you with collaboration, interpersonal and cultural awareness skill called soft skills.
  • It gives you real-world experience of the different country with people of different backgrounds with different values.
  • It opens the doors to meet and socialize with people representing a wide range of nationalities with a wide range of places all over the world.
  • Pursuing an internship from Germany not only grooms you professionally but also develops you as a better person
  • Internship from Germany opens a wide range of job opportunities as it ranks among the top countries in the hospitality industry.