Whenever, we think about advanced technology, innovations and best cars in the world, it is the Germany which comes first in our mind and this is because of vast research and product developments done in the field of Technology and Engineering by the nation. So, if Engineering is your passion then Germany is the best location you can look forward to pursuing your career in.

A person who has scientific knowledge of designing, building and maintaining machines, engines, and structures like roads, railroads and bridges is said to be called an Engineer. The branch of science where a person utilizes knowledge and scientific principles to design, build and analyze objects is called an Engineering.

In this blog, I am sharing benefits and reasons that will convince you, Germany is the best destination for Engineering in any specialized field.

A Global Leader in Innovation, Technology and Engineering

From Science to roads to cars, Germany is the Global leader. It is well known for its technological development advancement. Germany is said to be the powerhouse of research as research facilities of Engineering education is best in the world. German Universities are well acknowledged for their important contributions in the Engineering field, for example, German cars like Luxurious Mercedes, Porsches, BMWs, Opels etc are worldwide known and well respected.

Tie-ups of institutions with Engineering Industry

German Universities or Colleges and their research centers have tie-ups with nearby industries and companies to develop symbiotic and strategic relationships so that students get opportunities to experience the real-life scenario of solving problems as well as they can also use their theoretical skills to rectify the problem.The best part of German education is that they give more emphasis on practical beside theory.

Variety of Study Options

In spite of the type of Engineering degree you are willing in, you will find a number of study options in Germany. From nanotechnology to media Engineering and cartography to climate system sciences, the areas are widely distributed so, choosing an ideal field of Engineering will not be an issue for you.

There are many options like :

Industrial Engineering 

Mobility Systems Engineering

Organic & Molecular Electronics

Optical Technology and Photonics

Product Development and Engineering

Renewable Energy

Embedded Systems

Energy Engineering

Information Technology

Information System Engineering

Microsystems Engineering

Space Science & Technology

Software Engineering

Sustainable Systems Engineering

Transport & Logistics Management

Minimal Tuition Fee or not at all

Public universities in Germany offers free tuition fees or low tuition fees to all international students whereas, private universities on the other side charges tuition fee in order to enroll for a degree programme.

Scholarship Opportunities

Apart from free or minimal tuition-free, there are a number of organizations ( Universities, Research organizations, Government organizations, and Corporates) in Germany which offer scholarships to international students. Such scholarships will either help to cover your tuition fees or will support in your monthly expenses. 

For instance, DAAD is one of such famous scholarship provider firms in Germany.


Germany offers Courses in German as well as in English 

Most of the universities in Germany offers Master Programmes in English specially dedicated to foreign students. So, there will be no language barrier issue in terms of studies.

Choose from Top University Rankings

Before applying to any university or college, you must check all reputed university rankings. One such Ranking is QS World University Ranking which is an annual publication of university rankings by Quacquarelli Symonds http://www.qs.com/  

QS Ranking is taken as the one of the most widely read university rankings in the world. Going through the reputed university rankings will help to opt the best university in any of particular subject.

According to QS, here are top 7 German universities best ranked in the engineering and technology field in 2017:

The Technical University of Munich.

RWTH Aachen University.

The Technical University of Berlin.

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

The University of Stuttgart.

TU Dresden.

The Darmstadt University of Technology.

Affordable Cost of Living

Living in Germany is quite less expensive in comparison to all other European countries. Any international student can afford monthly expenses easily by working on part-time basis. Any student outside of Europe continent must need to have a work permit in order to work in the country.

Job Opportunities

As Germany gives you extra time of 18 months for your stay on completion of the degree, it would be the best time to search for the particular job you are wishing for. During your course, you need to get many internships which might help you to fetch any job you are interested in. Since German companies are advance in research and innovations, they will always be in need of creative and innovative ideas of Engineering experts.

Multicultural Environment

Living in a multicultural environment helps to adopt academic system smoothly. Moreover, it grooms your personality and boosts your confidence level as well. It gives you the opportunity to explore and taste the different cultures of the country.

Engineering in Germany can be studied at Technical Colleges or at Universities. For Technical Colleges you just require a suitable degree to qualify whereas for Universities Abitur Certification is required. 

Abitur is a university preparatory school leaving qualification certificate given to students after secondary for University entrance. If you are an International student then make sure the qualification or degree you have is equivalent to Abitur and for that, you can contact the university you are planning to apply to.

So the students who are interested to make their career in engineering start searching courses for yourself as per your interest.

 I strongly believe that German education will add spark to your career and engineering from Germany will not only improve your educational skills but also help you personally and professionally.

As German has the best education when it comes to engineering