Safety is the factor that every student considers on the top while choosing any destination to study abroad. For Parents to it is a matter of concern that how safe is the country their kid is heading to for studies as living alone far from home country in an entirely new environment is not a child’s play. If the destination is any European country then neither parents nor child needs to worry about as Europe is considered to be the safest study destination for students overseas.

Europe is the safest continent to study in the world for international students. Out of the world’s top 20 safest countries, 14 countries are of Europe and among the world’s top 50 countries European countries count is 30.

Germany the Land of Ideas offers thousands of courses taught in English. The nation of Poets and Thinkers greets international students more than a welcome. Germany is among the top destinations that international students take into consideration for higher studies.


If we take international safety data into consideration then Germany has a very low level of Crime. As per Europe Crime Index 2019 by Numbeo, Germany has safety Index of 65.65 percent and crime index is 34.35 out of 100 percent means no crime at all.

Frequent Crimes of German Cities

Germany is not threatened by terrorism, rape or any murder but the most common crimes in Germany are Vandalism, Pick-Pocketing, Street Harassment, Petty Theft, and Larceny. However such incident also depends on the individual’s situation and the society or locality students are living in. As far as safety is concerned students can enquire neighbors and batchmates to know which areas need to be avoided. You can roam around German villages and cities without many worries but as the country has its share of crime avoid taking any unnecessary risks, for instance, walking alone in a dark street or the woods during night time, beware of going in large crowds, etc.  

Emergency Help

In Germany, people rely on the police as a safety guarantor. Moreover, they regard the police as their Friend and Helper. 110 is the helpline number that you can call anytime free of cost from any telephone in Germany for any help, not only in emergencies. From losing a wallet to any frightening situation to any stolen thing, calling the police without any hesitation is the best thing to do. Other than Police you can also contact the Embassy or Consulate in Germany. For any personal safety queries, you can always contact an official representative from your home country.

Tips to consider for Safety

·      If you are going to a place which is not safe, take trustworthy people along (if possible then take local people)

·      Keep your cell phone with you and for any emergency dial 110 for help.

·      Keep your Passport or ID card with you, in case police demands.

·      Whenever going out do not carry all your cash and credit cards with you.

·      At times, licensed taxis are the best means of transport.

·      Avoid going in dark streets and into woods at night.

·      Avoid involvement in large crowds like Beer Fest called Oktoberfest. ·      Last but not the least-Always Listen to your heart. Do not go to the places you are feeling nervous about.