IT professional Germany

If we talk about the Invention and Innovation, Germany is the first thought comes in our mind. On the contrary, in the IT sector, the country has struggled a lot with the lack of sufficient and skilled IT professionals in the industry. In 2000, the country enforced green card scheme to attract IT professionals from foreign countries outside EU but this scheme could not attract enough of IT Professionals. The shortage of IT specialists in the country still worries the concerned government. The demand of Software Developers is high but the survey says that the German companies are still short of IT people.

Though Germany has shown so much growth in the IT industry, Technological advances in Information Technology and Software, Robotics, Networks in the Internet of Things are driving the global transformation in Germany. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) market of Germany is one of the largest markets in the world. Domestic spending on IT industry helped the market grow and as per European IT Observatory (EITO), Germany ICT market turnover of EUR 160 Billion in 2017 made it the fifth biggest ICT market in the world and this growth trend is expected to continue with a forecasted CAGR of 5.5 percent through 2019.

As Germany is the single largest software market in Europe, it has come too far in terms of growth from 2007 to 2017. During this decade the number of people hired as IT Professionals was consistently higher than the corresponding increase for total employment. EU policies have given a much attention to ICT skills and specifically to the employment of ICT Professionals. The hiring of IT people became important to improve the EU’s competitive position. New Skills Agenda for Europe was introduced in 2016 with a number of actions ensuring the availability of right training, right skills, and right support for the people in EU. Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition was one of the actions taken to develop a pool of digital talent by supporting co-operation between Education, Employment and Industry ensuring that all the individuals are well equipped with adequate digital skills. To prevent the loss of IT jobs to the other regions of the world, acquiring a higher end skill individuals became the need and objective of European Employment Policy. In need, European commission opted to monitor its progress in developing digital skills via Digital Progress Report and Digital Economy and Society Index.

The working culture in Germany is a bit different. People tend not to work for long hours. Germans put emphasis on Efficiency, Productivity, Punctuality, and Order. There are no official licensing qualifications set by the governing body for IT Professionals willing to work in the country. Many IT Employers may require relevant experience with IT related qualifications. Due to the shortage of IT skills in Germany, there is a strong demand for IT Professionals across a wide range of industries and since Germany has some of the larger employers of IT Professionals like Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, etc, it has become quite easier for IT Professionals to work in Germany.

Since 2005 when the new Immigration Act was announced in Germany, the country has been easing rules and policies for highly skilled and talented foreign professionals to move to the country for work. In fact, with the permission to work some qualified people may be granted permanent residence from the beginning. Applicants need to have an offer letter from the company and get permission from the German Employment Agency. All the paperwork is processed at the Germany Embassy in their home country. 

Considering the higher demand of IT People, Indians with IT qualifications and experience may get top jobs in Germany as there are excellent career opportunities in Germany for them whether it is about IT application consulting, Software Development, Computer Sciences or Programming. Another some advantages of moving to Germany are-Family members can also work in Germany makes easier for families to relocate, Every employee is entitled to parental leave until the child turns three, Reasonable cost of living and Rich Cultural history. Thus all the facts and points make the country a suitable destination to work and live life.

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