Student Life is considered to be the best time of person’s life and studying in Germany is just an icing on the cake that adds exciting dimensions to Student’s Life. In Germany students dominates the country. Studentenleben a term in their dialect means Student Life categorizes the social status of the town clearly directing that the Student Life is the strongest at German Universities. 
How do Students Live in Germany?
In Germany most of the students prefers to either live in student housing or in private accommodations due to low costs. The number of rooms available at the German Universities is always limited and that the German Universities do not assign dormitory or room at the time of registration instead students need to arrange it on their own before arriving country. Though student services and the International office guide your path with all the information you needed for your accommodation before arrival to Germany. Student spends most of his/her expenses part on housing, hence finding a good accommodation is important. Major cities like Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne and Hamburg, it is quiet tough to get the student housing in mentioned cities, therefore students are advised to be in touch with student union on the university campus and ask them to book an accommodation as earlier as possible. 
How German People are?
Within the University ambience staff is friendly, helpful and always try their best to help overseas students. Many Universities have a dedicated service for newcomers called International Office that helps through all the formalities. People outside the campus are also quiet the same. Though they are not the friendliest but always helpful indeed and will always navigate you the right way. 
University Environment
As Germany has multicultural environment, you would be meeting classmates from several nations like Turkey, France, Portugal, etc. If talk about lecture style then it is as same as German People- rigorous and quiet strict. Punctuality is in German’s blood so be careful with time and try to avoid being late for lectures. Since you will be studying in one of the most distinguished and high education systems of the world, practical, valuable skills and knowledge you attain will be a great reward. 
Part-Time Work 
Germany is in favor of International Students working part time. Though non-EU students are not favored heavily but still they are allowed to work 4 hours a day. Working under the table may land you in big trouble as with in no time you will be deported from the country. So stay safe and better get a due clearance from the University. More than that be certain that you do not break any labour laws while studying in Germany.
Public Transport
Country’s excellent public transport system makes travelling extremely convenient and eco-friendly for international students. One key thing overseas students must keep with them is the Public Transport Map of the city where they are studying and Transport Network Map of Germany in case students plan to explore the country during holidays.
Social Life  
In a country like Germany there is no way that you are going to get bored. With Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, Museums, Plethora of Festivals and Social Events, there is always something to explore at new place. If you are a history lover then there are several museums, castles and beautiful natural spots for you at Germany to visit to. Not forget to visit the Berlin Landmarks- Berlin Wall, Jewish Museum, BMW Museum, Reichstag, Lake Constance and Heidelberg Castle that are famous among the world. Other than individual activity, Universities also organize plenty of social events so you can also be a part of various clubs, sports and student parties, etc. 
Language Barrier
Whether you are familiar with German Language or not does not affect much. Most of the courses are being taught in English at German Universities. Outside the University, in major cities like Berlin, Munich or Cologne people are very good at English so you should not be facing any problem with social activities either but in small cities language makes a difference as there in order to communicate with people you should be familiar with German Language at conversation level. Then knowing the German Language makes getting the job easier for people who knows it than who does not. So, learning a new language won’t make you loose anything. 
Studying in Germany has numerous advantages in its bag and with this article you are very much get aware of how student life is in Germany, so there is no reason for you not to consider country for study purpose. Once you get through the admission process, all new chapter of your life will just begin.