Study In Netherlands

Education in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in Mainland Europe bordering Germany and France. The country is known for its innovative education methods. If you pursue an education in the Netherlands you get to experience visionary architecture, contemporary fashion and tons of street markets.

Consider getting your education in the Netherlands, where there are over 1,500 education programs in English offered by 77 different higher education institutions.  Many of these programs are geared toward international students who want to study abroad, making it the perfect place for you to study. Not only will you be part of a highly international student body, but the educational institutions in the Netherlands are renowned for being some of the best in the world.

Whether you’re looking for a bachelors degree, diploma program, masters or Ph.D., the Netherlands has it all. Many opportunities await you after completing your education in the Netherlands. You’ll be prepared to enter numerous professional fields or continue your education in Holland or at other international universities.

Quick facts on the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a densely populated country situated in Western Europe. The country is influenced by its low land and flat geography with around 50% of its submerged land its one meter above sea level. Nevertheless, the Netherlands is the world’s largest exporter of food and agricultural products. Studying in the Netherlands, you can benefit from the mild weather and fertile soil.

The Netherlands currently has an elected parliament. Since 1848, the country has been governed by a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy organized by the state. Nevertheless, consider education in the Netherlands for its social tolerance and being a liberal country. Students who pursue their education in the Netherlands can benefit from the open-minded and tolerant nation as well as a divergent culture within Dutch Universities. Moreover, while pursuing your education in the Netherlands, you can benefit from the excellent transport links from the Netherlands to other European countries that gives students the option of traveling and sightseeing other popular cities in Europe broadening your study abroad experience.

The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the cultural hub of the country. Choose to undertake your education in the Netherlands and benefit from over 20 well recognized educational institutions. The Netherlands also has one of the most active social scenes and nightlife, making it a student-centric, enjoyable city. For those who are not into loud music and bars, however, Netherlands has some of the most famous museums and tourist sites within Europe. There is always something for all students to enjoy during your education in the Netherlands!