If we talk about the advancement of technology then Germany is the one which comes to our mind without second thought. The country has genuinely invested in the field of Engineering as the nation invests almost 2.8% of its GDP on research and development, the majority of which flows towards Engineering. Germany is home to some of the premium automobile manufacturing companies in the world and is always in demand of skilled and innovative Engineers. Thus, the country seeks the attention of international students who want to pursue their career in engineering stream. Another reason for being the popular destination for aspiring engineers all over the world is that the country offers very low or no tuition fees. 

German Engineering, itself is a brand and some of its Engineering Universities ranks among the top ranking system of the world. Here we are enlisting some of the best and top engineering colleges and universities of the country as follows:

Technical University of Munich (1868)

It is one of the best leading engineering universities of Germany and of Europe as well. University does not boast only outstanding faculty but also has an amazing research center for cancer, health and nutrition and catalyst research. The main focus of university is on research and innovation makes it the best place to earn an engineering degree. Apparently, it is a part of an elite TU9 group which is an association of nine of Germany’s most prestigious and spectacular technical universities. 

Technical University of Berlin (1879)

The Technical University of Berlin occupies the position among the top most colleges in the world. The University is well known for its Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management programs. It is another university after the Technical University of Munich which is associated with the TU9 group. 

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (2009)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology is one of the largest research and educational institutions in Germany. It was formed with a merger of University of Karlsruhe (1825) also known as Fridericiana and Karlsruhe Research Centre (established in 1956 as a nuclear research center). This Institute grabs a position in the TU9 union. Yet again this is an institute which ranks among the top most ranking list of the world.

RWTC Aachen University (1870)

The list of top engineering colleges will be incomplete without RWTC Aachen University, another popular attraction among aspiring students of engineering. Along with a member of TU9 group, University holds rank among the top ranking system of the world. It is the largest Technical University in Germany offers a wide range of engineering programs with highly qualified and experienced faculty.

University of Stuttgart (1829)

Every student who has ever dreamt of becoming an engineer has surely hoped for enrolling in this University. It is again one of the oldest Technical universities in Germany with TU9 membership and well reputed in the fields of automotive engineering, process engineering, industrial and automated manufacturing, aerospace engineering, etc. University offers highly ranked programs in civil, mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering. The University has abolished its fee structure since 2012, now student just has to pay just fees of Euros 50 per semester.

University of Hannover (1831)

The University of Hannover is a public University, one of the largest and oldest Science and Technology Universities in Germany and shares membership in TU9 group. University holds a rank among the world’s topmost ranking lists in the field of engineering and technology.

Technical University of Dresden (1828)

The Technical University of Dresden is a public research university and one of the largest universities in Germany. It is one of the oldest Technology Colleges in Germany. It is one of the best universities in Engineering and Technology in Germany, a member of TU9 consortium and has attained the title of “University of Excellence”.

Darmstadt University of Technology (1877)

The Darmstadt University of Technology is the first university in the world which set up a chair in Electrical Engineering and is the first university to start its faculty in 1883. University is a member of the most notable German group called TU9 and occupies top positions in rankings.

Technical University of Braunschweig (1745)

The Technical University of Braunschweig is the oldest Technology University in Germany, a member of TU9 consortium and commonly ranks among the top engineering universities in Germany.

University of Heidelberg (1386)

The University of Heidelberg holds a position of Oldest University of Germany and one of oldest surviving universities of the world. It shares a position in world’s universities rankings and is a founding member of League of European Research Universities, the Columbia group (association of 39 long-established European multidisciplinary universities of the high international standard) and the European University Association. University participates in seven European exchange schemes for researchers and students such as ERASMUS. Heidelberg University is a research university with a strong focus on research-oriented teaching.

Ludwig Maxmilians University of Munich (1472)

Ludwig Maxmilians University is the 6th Oldest University and one of the best Universities in Germany. It is a place where the student gets both of worlds i.e. old world charm and 21st-century technology. As one of Europe’s leading research Universities, it emphasizes teaching and embraces a wide range of fields.  

University of Erlangen Nuremberg (1742)

The University of Erlangen Nuremberg is a Public Research University in Germany. It offers courses in five engineering streams i.e, Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. The University ranks high particularly in Engineering, Technology and Computer Science.

Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (1898)

Mannheim University of Applied Sciences is a public university offers 33 engineering degree programs at bachelors as well as masters level. Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Process Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Engineering are the fields University established with and is in continuous operation. The University now offers a wide range of study programmes than most of the other universities of applied sciences. It ranks among the top German Universities in the area of teaching quality and employability of its graduates.

Hamburg University of Technology (1978)

The Hamburg University of Technology is one of the best youngest universities in Germany also among those which have attained popularity in a short time. Again yet another University holds a position among World’s Ranking Lists.  Classic Engineering is the main focus of this university. From Civil and Environmental Engineering to Process Engineering and Bioprocess Engineering, the university offers a wide range of degree options. 

University of Oldenburg (1973)

Oldenburg University is considered as one of the most important and highly regarded educational institutions specializes in engineering studies with sustainable development and renewable energy studies with a focus on wind and solar energy. University participates in ERASMUS (partnership programme for student exchanges in Europe)

Fulda University of Applied Sciences (1974)

Fulda University is a high ranking German University formerly known as Fachhochschule Fulda. University mainly focuses on Electrical Engineering, Information Technology Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Systems Management.

The University of Duisburg-Essen (Reestablished in 2003)

The University of Duisburg-Essen is one of the youngest and largest Universities in Germany. A Public University and shares a membership in ERASMUS exchange program. University offers a wide range of courses from humanities, social sciences, business studies to engineering courses, as well among the international scientific community and holds a rank among the world’s best ranking list of engineering institutions.

In order to get admission in any of specific University or College or Institution, aspiring students will have to visit the Institution’s website, fill in the details along with the submission of mandatory documents and transcripts. For each University student must have to score a minimum grade score in proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. as per requirement. To name a few, like RWTC Aachen University, accepts GATE score for admission to some of its engineering programmes. Institutions might also ask you to furnish German, French and English Language skills.