At times international students while studying in Germany may even decide to relocate to the country on the more permanent basis. This could be either for work or for personal reasons, but moving to Germany is an exciting adventure. Realizing that the country you are studying in is your new home sometimes just comes as a natural step. Since Germany is a nation of endless opportunities with gorgeous places and beautiful nature, getting a status of permanent resident for students and young professionals is quiet easier in the said country. However, international students will have to go through a particular process to be able to stay longer in the country.

German Residence Permit 

With an exception of citizens from EU countries, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, all other foreign citizens required to have a residence permit if they are willing to stay in Germany for more than 90 days. For some countries like Australia, Israel, Japan, Canada, The Republic of Korea, New Zealand and USA, it is possible to enter the country (Germany) without visa during first 90 days and then apply for the residence permit and work permit with in the country where as for Asian countries like India, Students shall required to have visa to enter in Germany and visa is being issued in accordance with the regulations for residence and work permit such as Temporary Residence, EU Blue Card, Permanent Settlement Permit or EU long-term residence permit.

Temporary Residence Permit

The Temporary Residence Permit is the first permit that most foreigners get in the country creating a base for a permanent stay in Germany. If talk specifically about international students like Indians who are willing to pursue their education in Germany are issued with the Temporary Residence Permit from Local Foreigner’s Registration Office within the first three months of their stay in Germany for the entire duration of the course they choose to pursue from one of Institutions in Germany. During their education, they are permitted to work half time for 240 days or full time for 120 days. Additionally, they are also allowed to engage in work-study positions provided they cannot enter long term contracts. Moreover, country allows them to extend their temporary residence permit for another 18 months to find a relevant job in Germany on completion of their degree as the country wants to retain educated and talented people within the country. Once the candidate has been awarded with a job contract, he/she can further apply for Residence Permit for Employment.

Residence Permit for Employment

As soon as the international students have the job offer corresponding to their qualifications, they can either choose German Residence Permit or an EU Blue Card for the next part of the stay. Various conditions are confined with both of these residence permits. Depending upon future plans, German Residence Permit or EU blue card can be advantageous to students. Advisable to take advice of Local Foreigner’s Registration Office at the time of application as the choice of residence permit largely depends on personal situation. After two years of receiving German Residence Card or EU Blue Card, you can now become eligible to apply for Permanent Residence Permit.

Permanent Residence Permit

In order to stay in Germany for as long as you want to, you need to hold a Permanent Residence Permit. Permanent Residence Permit is also known as Settlement Permit or Niederlassungserlaubnis(in German). With this permit you are allowed to travel in and out of country whenever you feel like. This permit is issued to people that attain the Temporary Residence Permit for few Years or those with EU Blue Card. International students seeking for permanent residence permit must work in Germany for at least 2 years after graduating from state or state –approved or an equivalent institution of higher education from Germany and must have held a residence permit for work or a self-employment or an EU Blue Card after graduation and at the same time they must have paid the pension insurance to the government. During their stay they must not have been involved in any criminal activity including charges. Additionally, the country is also very strict about the language proficiency so foreigners need to know more advanced German Language as well.

Requirements to apply for Settlement Permit as a Foreign Graduate in Germany

As a foreign graduate, a student must provide a few evidences for getting a Settlement Permit.

The list of complete documentation need to apply for a German Settlement Permit as a Foreign Graduate is:

  • Fully filled Application Form
  • Valid National Passport holding a valid residence permit.
  • 1 Biometric Photograph
  • Degree Awarding Certificate (has to be issued by German Higher Education provider showing the level of academic title received between Bachelor/Master/PhD/Diploma).
  • Employment Evidence for past 2 Years.
  • Employment Contract (Applicable if you are employed in the current job for less than 2 Years)
  • Proof of Paid Pension Insurance (Covering a two year period and has to show whether paid private or statutory pension insurance)
  • Covered Health Insurance
  • Proof of Previous Freelance Work (If Relevant)
  • Proof of Accommodation and Registration
  • Rental Contract
  • Letter of the Address Registration
  • Professional License
  • Recognized German Language Certificate or recognized evidence showing German Language Proficiency of minimum B1 Level of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) of Languages.
  • Appropriate means of Subsistence (Money covering your living and accommodation costs)
  • Declaration about earlier Conviction (if related)
  • Declaration about any Social Security Benefit received (if related)
  • Evidence of Current Employment/Self-Employment

If Employed

  • The Existing Employment Contract
  • Proof of Salary Receipts covering last 6 months.
  • Bank Account Statement
  • Salary Slips
  • Certificate of Employment issued by Employer, has to be formal and must have produced in recent 2 weeks.

If Self-Employed

  • Audit Report. It must be completed by certified public accountants or authorized persons or tax consultants has to be accompanied by excerpt.
  • Latest Tax Notice
  • Evidence of a Business workspace and related costs.
  • Rental Contract showing the monthly rent ( For a Rental Property )
  • Purchase Contract showing the cost of the property( For an Owned Property)

Other documents may also be required depending upon applicant’s circumstances as the case may be. The payable fee to apply for Settlement Permit is 135 Euros. It is 200 Euros for Self-Employed person.

Where to submit the application for a Residence Permit and Settlement Permit?

If you are fulfilling the eligibility criteria for any of mentioned Permit, you are required to contact the Local Foreigner’s Registration Office as it is the key authority to counsel you which the concerned department is to apply to. Depending upon your Nationality different department may be in charge of receiving your permit application. The mentioned authority is always there to help Foreign Students in whatever the scenario may be. Thus, we highly recommend you to contact with Local Foreigner’s Registration Office for any guidance.