After Germany, Canada is yet another country that has got much popularity among Indians for overseas education. Since the percentage of international students had been increasing year by year, Canada has launched new program called SDS which is a replacement of previous SPP system. Under SPP system there were only 47 Colleges due to which seats were also very limited for international students. Many of bright students could not get an opportunity to join the best Colleges and Universities of Canada. Thus the country adopted a new method to provide a quality of education to the most deserving and eligible students. 

What is Student Direct Stream (SDS)?

Student Direct Stream aka SDS is a program launched by Canada for more eligible students with the opportunity to study at Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions (Universities and Polytechnics) of Canada. SDS is actually a Student Permit Facilitation Program that allows faster and simpler Visa Processing for International Students. This stream is launched for the students of China, Vietnam, Philippines and India where the program is launched on 8th June 2018. 

SDS Program mainly supported by Scotia Bank, one of the leading Monetary Organization in Canada. The bank will be providing an opportunity to eligible students to buy Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) that will cover one year expenses of the student and will also fulfill the requirement of SDS Program.

Requirements for SDS

For SDS Program, students must

  • Have scored minimum required IELTS level of English Language Ability of 6.0 in every Module ( Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking)
  • Purchase a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) of $10, 000
  • Have Payment Receipt of Tuition Fees of 1 Year of study
  • Have been accepted by an Eligible Post Secondary Designated Learning Institute
  • Completion of an Upfront Medical Examination

Benefits of SDS Program for India

As per SDS Program, every college and institute with unique Designated Learning Institute (DLI) number comes directly under SDS category. So there are much possibilities of getting more options for courses and admission in Canada. Some of the benefits of SDS Program are

  • The Program has fastens the Study Visa Processing
  • Documentation process has become short and simpler
  • Proper Steady Visa Processing for all the Colleges and Institutes under SDS Program
  • More Options for desired Courses and Colleges to opt
  • Best Substitute of previous SPP Program

How to apply for Student Visa or Permit under SDS?

As we have mentioned earlier that SDS Program is launched for the nationals of China, Vietnam, Philippines and India. So, the Legal Citizens of the said countries only can apply for Student Permit under SDS and the application can be made through the Regular Study Permit Process on or students can also visit the nearest Canadian Visa Office for application for offline process.

Documents Required 

Students must include the given documents along with the application

  • A copy of Acceptance Letter  from Designated Learning Institute
  • A copy of Upfront Medical Examination Confirmation Document
  • Proof of buying a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
  • Proof of Payment of Tuition Fees for the First Year of Study
  • Proof of English Language Test Form (IELTS) scoring minimum 6.0 in each module

As the application part will be done by the students, governing body of Canada will review student’s application. 

  • If the application will meet the regular study permit criteria and not the Student Direct Stream criteria, the application will be considered for Regular Study Permit only, thus will take standard process time of minimum 60 days.
  • If application is approved for SDS then student will be receiving

A Letter of Introduction (need to show it at the Immigration Office on Arrival in Canada and it is not student’s study permit)

Temporary Resident Visa (Visitor Visa) to enter Canada (Visa will be in Student’s Passport and students must enter Canada before it expires)

Study Permit will be valid until the end of school program

  • If application is being refused then student will be getting an explanation letter for refusal for an application from the Canadian Embassy or Visa Office.

Note: Read all the instructions given on internet portal Go through the instruction guide for details on how to apply including what amount of fees to pay and where to submit the application. Students must include all the documents they need to apply for the application.

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