Germany is not only famous for its picturesque views but also well known for its Advancement in Technology. The Land of Invention and Innovation makes Germany one of the powerful countries of Europe. The country is always in demand of skilled and innovative workers, encourages all young and talented people irrespective of nationality to visit the place and also look for places to work. If you are willing to move to Germany for work purpose, the first thing you will be required to get a Job Seeker Visa. Moreover, the country is considered to be highly safe, affordable living and attractive working environment. Hence moving to Germany would prove to be a wise decision.
What is a Job Seeker Visa?
Job Seeker Visa for Germany is a Long Term Visa that allows you to visit the country and look for a job for up to six months. At the end of six months, if you are able to find a job, you will be issued a Germany Work Permit or Germany Work Visa so that you can work and live in the country. Bear in mind that Job Seeker Visa do not allow to work immediately but it only allows you to look for a job during your stay of 6 months in Germany. 
There are few points that you need to fulfill to be eligible for Job Seeker Visa
Aspirant must hold a degree at Bachelors or Masters Level either from Germany Institution or an equivalent degree from Foreign Country.
Aspirant must have at least working experience of 5 years in respective field of study. 
Proof of sufficient funds to cover all the expenses during aspirant’s stay in Germany
Aspirant must have Health Insurance for the entire time of stay in the country unless he / she get Work Permit.
No point based test (IELTS) is required for Job Seeker Visa but English Proficiency is sufficient to qualify in order to obtain Visa.
Optional but advisable to Learn German Language to get more benefits.

Documents Needed for Visa Application
After getting eligible for Job Seeker Visa, next step would be to compile the needed documents that will be attached with an application form. Following are the documents you will be required to have to obtain Job Seeker Visa for Germany
A valid Passport (Valid for at least 1 Year after your scheduled return)
Copy of Passport’s Data Page
Cover Letter (Mentioning the objective of visiting, Plan to get an employment and alternative career plans if you get failed in finding a job)
Proof of Academic Qualifications from German or non-German University
Passport Size Photographs as per Biometric Specifications
Proof of Work Experience
Curriculum Vitae (Detailed)
Proof of Accommodation in Germany for the span of time you will be staying in country.
Proof of sufficient funds to cover all the expenses during your stay in Germany (Sponsorship Letter, Bank Statement, Blocked Bank Account)
Proof of Personal Status in Home Country (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and others, all must be translated in English)
Proof of Health Insurance for the entire time of stay in the country
Visa Fee and Documents Verification Fee
Bear in mind that having all the mentioned documents does not make sure that you will get the Visa as the decision is totally depends on Consular Officer.
Appointment with the Embassy Office 
After Compiling the documents, take an appointment after filling on line application form on the web portal of German Embassy or you can also visit the office of German Embassy in your home country for filling the application form for Job Seeker Visa. After submission of form you will be given an Appointment date for an Interview.  On the date of appointment carry two sets of needed documents. Dress appropriately and the most important thing is to be on time as Germans are very strict with timings. Your Application Form, Documents and the Interview will decide whether you will be issued Job Seeker Visa or not. 
Why Germany is giving Job Seeker Visa?
Germany has the largest economy in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. The country rules the world in Advancement of Technology. Still country lacks skilled workers in many sectors and professions. As Germans admire the innovative ideas and skills hence there is immense scope for jobs and career development and job seeker visa opens the door for the talent the country is in need for. 
Who Needs to Apply for Job Seeker Visa?
Citizens from European Union do not require any visa to look for a Job in Germany. Nationals from Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, The Republic of Korea, New Zealand and the United States of America do not require visa to enter Germany and look for a job. However they are required to apply for the Temporary Residence Permit at the Immigration Office on arriving Germany. Nationals from remaining countries of the world need to obtain Job Seeker Visa in order to enter the Germany and look for an employment in the country.